Turn your personality + passions into income.

In 9 easy lessons

Get paid for to be you‘ isn’t just a cute phrase, it’s my entire business philosophy. Have you ever been feeling so frustrated or unfulfilled that you shouted “I wish someone would just pay me for being me!”.

Me too.

It’s tough being stuck in jobs you hate, knowing that you have a fire burning within you, a heart full of passion and a head full of ideas.

Well, suffer no more. This 9-step course + fun workbook is going to channel your passions, skills, talents and personality quirks into a real business idea AND show you how to market it too.




Doing this program changed everything for me. Passive Income Rocks showed up in my life when I was at an identity tipping point and the presence and skills, sass, and business street smarts pushed me over the edge. I went from hiding behind what I already knew to do to unapologetiically showing up and as who I am. My work went from what I thought was obvious about my skills to diamond bright crystal clear tenacious and truthFULL MEisms and programs that reflect my deepest level of service and growth. Already things are shifting and the clarity is bringing in better work and a bigger audience. Thank you for and supporting me in the same.


This course has taken my blank ” I have no idea” brain to something that resembles a funky wonderland of genius ideas. They were in there all along! Thank you! This course is like the most loving ass whooping a girl could ever dream of. What a ride.


Your course encouraged me to pull my bum out of the gutter after going down a road that ultimately I didn’t like and no brainer it didn’t work. Your course is helping me pave a new course, not just what I am good at, but what I love. Blending the two and paving new roads… lol (I think other forms of instruction fail to do this…imho).


There are those in this business who try to corral you into their forever herds afraid to make a decision without their expertise. Passive Income Rocks is different. You get the tools.. And the courage.. To run gloriously free.

If you’re ready to break out and pursue your passions with wild abandon, PIR will swing open the gate. I was ready, and that’s what it did for me.


I really love the way that it emphasizes shining your *own* light. So many branding/niching/marketing gurus seem to want to shove us into tine little boxes to fit what they consider “profitable.” I *much* prefer your message that the more you dig in and pull out the awesomeness that is uniquely you, the easier it is to connect with those people who are trying to find you!


I was lost and confused and considering giving up because I didn’t quite ‘fit in’ to the industry I have chosen. The course taught me about ‘being the flame’ (love that video!) and leading the way rather than following. It gave me inspiration, huge amounts of confidence which I was lacking, practical computer help to the point where I have started to design my own logo and develop a ‘brand identity’ that isn’t about a brant at all – but ALL ABOUT ME!!! It’s made me fall in love with my business again <3 Thank you xxx


I love this course!! Honestly, it takes courage to believe that I am worth monetizing as I am and from my life experiences and skills. It’s really challenging to put myself “out there” in the world. This course makes it FUN!! It’s full of awesome energy and sparkle and it’s obvious that lots of love has gone in to the creation of it. I LOVE it! Thank you!!


I adore being encouraged to be a lighthouse and shine away as ME! Tons and tons of practical advice, as well as great entertainment along the way. Passive Income Rocks has it all ~ and it packs so much big-hearted value into everything! Thank you, gracias, merci beaucoup!!


9 step-by-step lessons + challenges

with A fun, fillable workbook

  • 1. Believe to achieve

    It all starts with mindset. In this first lesson I’ll give you a positivity boost so you know you CAN do it.

  • 2. The Awesomeness Audit

    Tally up your passions, skills, talents, qualifications and experience. You’re way smarter and more brilliant than you realise.

  • 3. Stop hustling, start helping

    Loving ‘the hustle’ is NOT essential for successfully monetising yourself. You can go further if you help rather than hustle, I’ll show you how.

  • 4. Visibility Voodoo

    Here are some fun & quirky ways to ‘be visible’ with your business that suits YOUR personality.

  • 5. Wealth from Weirdness

    Did you know that your oddities, personality quirks and weird ways are actually fabulous ways to market and sell yourself? 

  • 6. Take Your Brain to the Bank

    Uncover a gazillion exciting ways to monetise YOU.

  • 7. Stop, Drop and Bankroll

    How to pre-sell your idea so you start earning money BEFORE you’ve even created it. There’s no need to worry when you bankroll your journey. 

  • 8. Optimised Optins

    How to build an audience for your products by created an ‘optin’ where people can subscribe to your email list to hear from you.

  • 9. Automate to Generate

    Create your first simple sales funnel by automating a sequence of nurturing emails to your new subscribers, gently encouraging them to buy from you. 

You’ll love this course if…

  • You’re totally new to starting your own biz

  • You have tons of ideas but no clue which ones to start with

  • you have tons of ideas but you don’t know how to actually monetise them

  • You‘re a free-spirit and don’t want a boring cookie-cutter business

  • You want to get paid for being YOU

9 video lessons + one HUGE workbook = $147