5 tips for online course success

An online course can be a wonderful product in a passive income business portfolio. You can package your knowledge and expertise into a digital product which your clients can use at their convenience.

That said, making an online course isn’t as simple as writing out pages of materials or making a quick video. Building a successful course requires structure and planning. Here are my top tips for making your online course a huge success.

5 tips for online course success

  1. Learn from an experienced teacher
  2. Focus on the learning outcome
  3. Use the right tools effectively
  4. Have a sales strategy
  5. Test it

Learn from an Experienced Teacher

Like most new skills, learning to design and develop an online course requires some know-how and you may need a coach to help you build your course successfully. Learning from an experienced coach will help you avoid mistakes and short cut you to a great product launch. Remember, they are teaching you how to teach.

If you don’t teach effectively, your course will not be successful.
There is a HUGE difference between pulling together a low-grade “info product” online course and packaging your own expertise into a top-notch product. Your customers will recognize if you sell them a poorly designed product. Don’t disappoint them with low-grade materials, materials you don’t master, complex structures, etc.

Find an course development program run by someone who knows what they are doing. A GREAT online course mentor should understand and have experience in teaching. I’ve been building successful courses for more than 20 years and I studied adult learning and best teaching practices before I started teaching others how to create effective online courses. It has made a HUGE difference. I understand the science behind how human brains learn best and this enables me to help my clients build outstanding online courses. All of these practices are used and taught in the Passive Income Rocks Academy.

Focus on the Learning Outcome

Online courses are teaching tools and should be designed to achieve a specific result or solution. When your clients are handing over cash there is only ONE question in their mind “what’s in it for me?”. When you answer that question effectively, you have the makings of a great course.

How do you accomplish that?

First, you must be very specific – what is the single outcome? Stay away from vague notions such as ‘Become healthier” no one knows what that really means – it’s not specific. Instead say “Lose 5 inches of bellyfat before summer” or “Add 2 hours onto each day with increased energy” or “Heal your unsightly acne in time for prom season”.
Trust me, no one will pay for something as vague as “being healthier” or “becoming happier”. They want a specific quantitative & qualitative results.

Follow this practice throughout your course. Teach one thing. Then teach the next thing. Make sure the students feel like they are drinking from a water fountain, not a fire hose.

Use the Right Tools (and use them Effectively)

Choosing the right delivery method is an important step for creating a successful online course. The delivery tools really do matter. People learn in different ways and depending on your subject, your clients may need more or less time and more or less interaction to fully accomplish the course objectives.

There are tons of tools, systems and platforms which you can use to build a sell-out 5-figure course. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. It depends on your course type, your teaching style, your audience and how you want to manage the modules. Some examples include:

  • Membership style courses
  • Dripfed courses
  • Video courses
  • Multi-level academy courses
  • Self-paced courses
  • Fully-live courses

Choose your delivery method wisely and your course will be much more successful.

Have a Simple and Proven Launch and Sales Strategy

No matter how amazing your online course is, you still need to have a strategy to make sales. If you don’t have a sales strategy, your course will end up in the internet wastelands. It’ll be time and effort lost on your part and a learning opportunity lost for your prospective customers.

Part of the course development needs to be building and executing a good sales plan. You need to start planning your sales process weeks before you launch. If you don’t have a list or fanbase yet, then you need a watertight launch funnel and ways to get eyes on your sales page. Once your traffic is flowing in, you need to captivate your audience.

Many sales pages are poorly designed and the visitor can’t figure out what you are selling or why it benefits them. So they leave! This is why sales page training and audience building are a part of the Passive Income Rocks Academy. Your business is bigger than a single course, and your training should be too.

Test it

The best way to check the effectiveness of your training is to let a few people try it. You truly won’t know if the course materials and flow work if you don’t get a little feedback. Beta testing is a lot like tasting a recipe while you cook. If you don’t taste, you can’t correct your seasoning and make it taste even better. Without Beta testing, your online course may not quite hit the mark for your customers. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference.

I know feedback can be scary. Don’t get too bogged down in the feedback. You are already awesome. You are not your course and the purpose of the feedback is only to make your course – and you – much more successful.

Ask a few people in your audience to give the course a try (for free or for a reduced fee) in exchange for their candid feedback. Use their comments to make any adjustments you feel would really benefit the program.

These 5 items will increase the success of your online courses if you use them structurally. They will be awesome additions to your passive income product portfolio!

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